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Designer Marketplace

In 2022 we test drove a Designer Marketplace and found it was a great success for many of our Designers. Due to the demand, we've decided to expand this event and make it an official line item on our Schedule of Events. The guests attending the Runway Show loved being able to purchase available pieces hot off the runway. This also became a marketplace for retailers looking to create or write wholesale orders. Thousands of dollars were exchanged!


If you are interested in having a space within our Designer Marketplace Venue, there will be a $250 fee. Tables and racks will be provided sparingly, our resources are limited but we will do what we can!

**If you're an approved Runway Designer, you may skip the application and pay the fee directly.

If you are NOT apart of the Runway Show, it's still possible to become a vendor within our Designer MarketPlace on July 20th from 12-4pm and July 22nd from 4:30-9pm at our AKFW 2023 Headquarters located at 219 South Franklin Street.  Call, text, or email our Stage Manager, Brooke, at 254-423-6954 or to inquire directly with our team. 

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