Welcome Models!

2023 Model Call will open January 1st and will close April 2023 unless otherwise filled.


This event is open to all models.

Things to know

  • We only accept 13 out of town models, and 15 local models.

  • There will be housing available for a discounted rate.

  • $100 compensation plus tips.

  • You will be modeling for 2-5 designers.

  • You will have access to all photo assets for your portfolio after the show and build great experience with our indoor/outdoor runway!

  • Bring 2-3 pairs of shoes; a classic neutral heel, a sneaker, and another great shoe that would work well for an outdoor runway.

Traveling in?

  • Check out our Travel Guide for special Airfare. This guide contains our personalized shopping, sightseeing musts, and the fashion show program.


  • Runway Walk through - Monday, July17th 6-8 - Required for Locals

  • Light Tech Rehearsal - Tuesday, July 18th 6-8pm - Required for Locals

  • Dress Rehearsal - Friday, July 21st 10am-12pm - REQUIRED FOR ALL


Bring your own water bottle, snacks, your own hair brush, and any personal items. Be prepared to be on location for 5+ hours.

Face - Please arrive with your face prepared and ready for show makeup application before you arrive. There will be NO TIME available for you to prepare once arrived.



  • moisterizer

  • foundation, if you have or wear any

  • concealor

  • contouring makeup, if you have or wear any

  • pair of fresh eyelashes

Makeup - designs will be provided prior to show and they will include a short tutorial

Hair - Please arrive with clean and DRY hair. If you style your hair smooth please do so they day of show BEFORE arriving. If you have curly hair please arrive with it styled as you would normally wear it. Please bring your own hair brush.